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Natural Diamonds and the New Generation

Promoting the value of natural diamonds to appeal to a new generation of buyers is a topic that has affected every player in the jewellery industry. Lab grown diamonds have attracted many buyers away from traditionally desired natural diamonds. Here we will discuss how to effectively highlight the beauty and value of natural diamonds to align with the expectations of shoppers aged 15 to 29 this year. Let us identify their priorities, and how to address them.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing

The key concerns that modern buyers have on this topic are conflict diamonds & environmental sustainability. Transparency & openness regarding diamonds’ origin & jewellery materials are key. Over 80 countries are members of the Kimberly Process, which ensures diamonds are conflict-free. Although in the 1990s, up to 15% of rough diamonds were recorded to be from conflict zones, now it is under 1%.

Good miners invest in projects that conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Besides which, not all lab grown diamonds are carbon-neutral. It takes tremendous energy to make diamonds,


Simple & timeless designs that are versatile and delicate are a straightforward choice for the Gen Z woman. Good examples include hoop earrings and initial pendants.

Another approach involves layering and stacking. This means isolated lightweight pieces with flexibility for mixing and matching.

Alternatively, some prefer fancy shape diamonds that make for distinctive and original pieces.

Affordability and Value

Faced with high inflation and high interest rates, new buyers seek out affordable pricing in natural diamonds. A good example is the on trend use of silver in bold and chunky designs, both structured and fluid.


It has been studied that Gen Z makes their first luxury purchase at 15, as opposed to the older generation, who made theirs at 19. They spend more time researching, and therefore prefer an inclusive and experimental approach, over an exclusive and conservative one.

Looking forward, there is a lot of scope to promote natural diamonds by clarifying with expertise where there is a lack of information, and being open to the new generation’s ideas. Remember, mined diamonds are a tradition, and Gen Z loves nostalgia.


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