What Millennials Really Look For

With mounting student debt, and the financial crisis, millennials struggle for disposable income. Brides, these days, are making different choices than the previous generation did. Traditional diamond engagement rings chosen from the showcase at large retailers, or even independent jewelers, are reducing in popularity. Instead, today’s bride prefers custom or vintage.

Although, millennials are often looking to purchase items online, what they are really looking for is pieces that they identify with. Brides look online because with the growth of handmade and vintage rings on Etsy, and the variety of styles on EBay, the chances of finding something just right, that nobody else has, multiply.

So, how does one connect with millennials? Perhaps lose the formal overtones of entering a jewelry store. Allow shoppers to browse and linger without questioning them. This is after all, the first advantage of the online shopping experience.

Or maybe focus on how jewelry can be personalized for your customer. Even if you prefer to sell items from the showcase, perhaps you could you offer a choice of packaging, or offer an engraving option, or some other way to customize the client's experience. An experienced and knowledgeable retailer may be surprised to learn that these relatively low cost extra efforts are ideal means to relate to the new generation.

As we enter this holiday season, consider customizing your client`s experience. Give them the room to make their own choices, and let each moment along the way become a story worth retelling. All a millennial really wants is to identify with a piece that they will treasure for many years to come.

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